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Language Connects

At Chelsea Connects our goal is to offer a diverse selection of German language
learning courses, including industry specific courses such as German as a foreign
language for restaurant, tourism, and service industries.

We also provide linguistic services to both students and professionals whose native
language is not German. Wheter it be reading/aural comprehension, terminology, or
professional correspondence.



Our Course Offerings

We offer courses for all levels, also INTENSIVE COURSES - from beginner to advanced.

German as a foreign Language

You learn the basic structures of German grammar, expand your vocabulary and prepare yourself for everyday life in German-speaking countries.

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German for Your Work and Everyday life

We focus on preparing you for your professional activities. Therefore, this course is aimed primarily at participants with a migration background, and at people who would like to learn the German language for vocational reasons, as well as beyond.

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German for Academic Professions and Students

We are all surrounded by foreign languages which, unnoticed, enter the common language, i.e. everyday communication, and which lead to barriers of understanding.

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German Proofreading

We will proofread your scientific papers and revise them to conform with the rules of German language grammar.

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German Company Training

Tailor-made courses for employees and managers in accordance with their goal and needs. We develop personalised training concepts specifically for your and your team.

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German and English Tutoring

After school tutoring for kids and teens to improve their language skills.

-Reviewing homework assignments
-Written&aural exam preparation

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To influence someone, you must first speak their language.

Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935)