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Curriculum Vitae

Raised in Vienna, with roots in Asia, I graduated from Commercial College in 2005.
After which, I completed a university program in TV journalism.

During my studies, I taught German as a foreign language in a Viennese language school. Through my work there I gained experience in adult education.

At the same time, I continued studying languages at the University of Vienna, achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Studies. 

In 2007, I helped with the creation of a family run real estate company called First-Residence KG, with my main focus being real estate development. 

This also included a 6-month long real estate development project in Romania/Temesvar. This gave me practical experience in the economic and legal sectors early in my career. 

Long-term stays abroad and professional travels to the USA (Hawaii/Real Estate Education) Cuba and Romania enhanced my language skills and expediated my progress.

In Autumn 2016, I established Chelsea-Connects, which allows me to bring my academic and professional expertise to the public.